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How Pokemon Go Is Making America Great Again

Originally written for Farm Dog on 08/31/16 by Matt MacNabb 

It seems like everywhere you turn these days people are talking about and playing the new augmentic reality mobile game, Pokémon Go. The game, which debuted on July 6th of this year, has taken the country and our imaginations by storm. It was expected that players would come to the game for a mixture of reasons, from fandom to nostalgia. What no one expected was the effect it would have on our culture in such a small time.

Pokemon Go has single-handedly transformed city streets and parks into safer and well-populated areas. Our towns aren’t just infested with spawning Pokemon, but also hordes of players, chasing after each catch and battling their hearts out to keep or topple the local gym. In order to find the most Pokemon and play the game correctly it requires a Poketrainer to get out of the house and actually walk the streets of their respective cities. Now, once empty streets and desolate public …

Sony Officially Announces PlayStation Now on PC After Leak

Originally written for Screen Rant on 8/23/16 by Matt MacNabb

Since Sony released the PlayStation 4 in 2013, it has consistently dominated the gaming world. Never content to rest on its laurels, however, Sony is set to unveil two new versions of the popular gaming console this September at the PlayStation Neo event in New York City.

The PS4 Neo event comes just on the heels of the news that we’re also getting a highly anticipated PS4 Virtual Reality Headset, which may also find it’s way to the PC. Futhermore, it looks like an accidental reveal may have let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, on another of Sony’s newest innovations: bringing the PS Now streaming service to PC users.

A screenshot posted to Twitter (see below) today of the PlayStation Flickr account reveals an image tagline that reads “PS Now on PC Announce Post by PlayStation Europe on Flickr”. This leak spoils what is presumably intended to be a major unveiling at the PlayStation 4 Neo Event …