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Man or Monster? A Brief History of Killer Croc

Originally Written for Legions of Gotham May 2015 by Matt MacNabb
 Batman has aquired a rather extensive rogues gallery over the past 76 years.   His rotating stable of villains includes everything from mass murderers, serial killers and thugs to the rejected, disfigured and often misunderstood.  Which of these categories, then, does a certain Mr. Waylon Jones, known more affectionately to fans as Killer Croc, belong in?   This character, though created over three decades ago, found his largest fanbase as a somewhat bumbling brute on Batman: The Animated Series and has appeared regularly in the comic books since that time, but how much do we as fans really know about the complex history of this character?   His inclusion in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, alongside fellow Bat-Rogue Harley Quinn, has generated a lot of buzz around his portrayl as a disfigured man, rather than a hulking mutated monster.  This being his very first appearance on the big screen, we thought this would be a …

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