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I have been working as a freelance writer since 2003.  My recent work as an entertainment reporter and historian has been for various online publications, including Snopes, Comic Book Resources, The Sportster, Wink Books, Farmdog.tv, Witty Bitches Magazine and Screen Rant. My book publication history currently includes four titles: Batman's Arsenal: An Encyclopedic Chronicle, Ghostbusters Collectables and the upcoming titles A Secret History of Brands: The Dark and Twisted Beginnings of the Brand Names We Know and Love and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collectables.

As a pop culture historian, I have spent the better part of the past twenty years researching, archiving and studying the history of comic books, toys, film and television and their effect on our culture. I am also the creator of a network of world famous pop culture websites, including LegionsOfGotham.org, GhostbustersCollector.com, TMNTCollector.com, My Parents Are Geeks and TheAtariNation.com. I have gained considerable experience in writing, reporting and interviewing as the sole writer and fact checker for these websites over the past thirteen years.

I have a special and extensive insight into the comprehension, humor, interest level and engagement of young people of all ages, as the father of four children from ages three through fourteen.

A regarded authority on Batman and comic book history, my work and I have been featured in publications like Total Film, SFX Magazine, Variety, Brick Journal, on CNN and BBC Radio, and other various books, magazines, radio shows and newspapers. I have also contributed content and editorial services to books like Holy Franchise, Batman and The Dc Comics Action Figure Archive.


-Pop Culture
-Dc Comics
-Comic Books
-Film and TV
-Trivia & Lists
-Social Justice


-Batman’s Arsenal: An Encyclopedic Chronicle, Foreward by Adam West, February 1, 2016, Opus Books

-Ghostbusters Collectables, Foreward by Dan Aykroyd, June 30, 2016, Amberley Publishing

-A Secret History of Brands: The Dark and Twisted Beginnings of the Brand Names We Know and Love, July 2017, Pen and Sword Books

-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collectables, September 2017, Amberley Publishing

-Toy Story Collectibles, May 1, 2018, Amberley Publishing

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