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Gotham Producer Clarifies ‘Superheroes Don’t Work on TV’ Comments

Originally written for Screen Rant on 9/20/16 by Matt MacNabb

The question of superheroes on television has been one in great debate for decades now. The fans are often looking for more screen time for their favorite heroes and the movie studios want capes and costumes to stick to the big screen for the most payout possible.

There is some fan frustration over shows like Fox’s Batman prequel television series Gotham sticking to a very “real world” approach to beloved characters when we haven’t had the gift of a Batman television show on the air for fifty years. Recently, comments from Gotham show runner Bruno Heller affirmed their thoughts about superheroes on television and executive producer Ken Woodruff is speaking out to clarify their stance.

Gotham executive producer Ken Woodruff spoke to THR to promote the then upcoming third season of the show and he took a moment to clarify Bruno Heller’s statements about superheroes not working well on television. The …