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Ghostbusters Collectables Sample Chapter

Enjoy this sample chapter from Ghostbusters Collectables by Matt MacNabb Published by Amberley Books July 2016
Chapter One: Ghostbusters: The 1984 Feature Film
The landscape of American cinema and pop culture both changed drastically on one fateful day, June 8, 1984. The day that Ghostbusters exploded into theaters had a profound impact. Its been over 30 years and fans are still celebrating this now classic supernatural comedy film that continues to resonate so very strongly.
It feels like a given now, but back in 1984 there were no movies about ghost hunters and certainly none that took the topic even remotely seriously. Filmation had produced a live action series in the 1970s with the same title, featuring two goofy Ghosthunters and their gorilla friend. Fans would later see that concept turned into a competing cartoon in 1986. 
The beauty of Ghostbusters was the mixture of horror and comedy that almost felt legitmate in some way. The concept for Ghostbuster…

Batman's Arsenal: An Encyclopedic Chronicle Sample Chapter

Enjoy this sample chapter from Batman's Arsenal: An Unauthorized Encyclopedic Chronicle by Matt MacNabb Published March 2016 by Opus Books
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Batman and Guns

Guns may be as American as apple pie, but Batman is known for eschewing deadly weapons in his fight against crime. Though that wasn’t always the case. Batman actually carried a handgun when first introduced, at least for a short time, and ever since then the vigilante, like America, has had a long, conflicted history with firearms.

Gunpowder was developed back in the ninth century by Chinese alchemists. It was initially intended as a remedy for various skin infections, but like so many things invented for a positive use, military forces learned they could turn it to their advantage. The first airplane flew in 1903, and the first aerial bombs were dropped during World War I. The tenth century brought the world the Chinese Fire Lance, the first gunpowder device to shoot shrapnel at a target. The fire lance w…

My TMNT Book Is Available For Pre-Order

The updated book cover is now listed and Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesCollectables is available for pre-order on Amazon!

Will Catwoman Appear in Affleck’s New Batman Movie Universe?

Here is a new article written by me for Farm Dog.


Ben Affleck has taken over the solo Batman film, titled The Batman, and is busy crafting his own love letter to the Batman universe. His version of Batman was one of the few good parts of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so fans are hopeful that he will do the franchise justice. One question we have about this new era for Batman is which villains and heroes are going to appear. It was recently revealed that we aren’t going to see Catwoman for sure, at least not yet. In a recent conversation with Heroic Hollywood actress Sienna Miller indicated that Catwoman wasn’t in the script for the new film. Miller has made it very clear that she’d like to take on the role once it does finally emerge.

There are a handful of characters that have always found their way into the live action versions of Batman, ever since the classic 1966 Adam West Batman series, including Joker, Penguin, Riddler and of course Catwoman…